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Innovative and Dedicated Business Consulting Firm

About UsNOMDER, Corp helps people and businesses move from Need to Realization and beyond.  We provide facilitated performance improvement solutions, strategic planning, leadership development, and executive coaching for people and businesses that desire optimal performance.  NOMDER solutions are Customized, Comprehensive, Creative, Caring, and Cutting-Edge (C5).  Our unique “C5” facilitation process is results-oriented and focused on achieving measurable results for client goals.  We help you sharpen your vision, develop your strategy, shape your alignment, and achieve improved results in your organizational and personal life.

NOMDER is a service-disabled veteran-owned company committed to providing world-class services and results.  We are also dedicated to community service, especially projects involving persons with disabilities and youth development.

NOMDER Leadership:

Stephen T. Redmon, CEO and General Counsel
Expert in business development and personal coaching.  Extensive experience in motivational leadership, human and organization development, and adult learning.

  • Attorney and Legal Advisor with extensive experience in national security, administrative and criminal law, intelligence, and ethics.
  • Demonstrated leadership and mission experience with businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and community organizations, including criminal/administrative investigations and ethical issues.
  • Professor and Researcher of Leadership and Organizational Development, Law, Homeland Security, Police Science, and Ethics.
  • International project experience in fast-paced multi-cultural environments. 
  • Business Operations and Business Intelligence Advisor with extensive experience in national security, criminal justice administration, and business research.
  • Worldwide mission experience in providing time-sensitive operational advice to senior executive-level leaders at the Federal and State levels.
  • Demonstrated multi-million dollar budget and project management experience, including the successful development of award-winning operational procedures.
  • International project experience in fast-paced multi-cultural environments.

NOMDER Associates:

Our associates are experienced customer-focused professionals with extensive results-oriented experience.  Our exclusive worldwide network of affiliate professionals allows NOMDER to provide customized organizational and personal solutions for clients at any geographical location.

NOMDER Advisors:

  • Syracuse University - Whitman School of Management (EBV Program), Burton-Blatt Institute, Army Career Alumni Program (ACAP),  and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.
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